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Friday, January 4, 2013

Maalavika vs Aajith super singer t20 on 4th January 2013

Aajith vs maalavika super singer t20

Maalavika yellow team, sang maiya maiya song very energetically..voice expert anandh vaidhiyanathan advised her for some places whr she did mistake.

One more judge singer karthik told positvee comments for maalavika in super singer t20 Vijay tv on 4th January 2013..

Aajith took the stage following maalavika to compete against her in Vijay tv super singer t20.

Aajith red team contestant and under the captain santhosh sang thaayumanavana song..

Aajith performance was fantastic and fulfilled the expectations.

Singer karthik appreciated him for doing a powerpacked performance on the jackpot round on 4.1.2013.

Finally, the scores says that maalavika team yellow team won the jackpot round in super singer t20.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Super Singer T20 Kamal Haasan episode Santhosh Team Unnavida song 26.12.2012

Santhosh and his red team contestants Dhanyashree, Roshan, Srinisha and Mukund sang the song Unna vida from Virumandi, Sundari Neeyum song and Inji Idupazhaga song on 26th Dec 2012 in Kamal Haasan special show episode.

Santhosh and his team contestants got the blessings from Kamal Hassan today and expressed their love for him.

Kamal Haasan talked about his movie Vishwaroopam which is gonna release on 11 Jan. Pooja Kumar accompanied him today on 26 December 2012 in the special episode of Kamal Haasan's.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Aajith Khalique Aalavandhan song performance in Super Singer T20 Kamal Haasan episode 24.12.2012

Super Singer T20 Kamal Haasan Special episode: Aajith performs for Aalavandhan song 24th December

Today 24th Dec is Kamal Haasan's special episode and Aajith Khalique performs a song Aalavandhan from Kamal Hassan movie in Vijay TV.

Kamal Haasan and Pooja Kumar will promote the Vishwaroopam movie which is gonna be released on Jan 11 2012 to set a box office record.

Kamal Haasan will hug the kids and encourage them as per the promos were shown. Aajith is the Super Singer Junior 3 title winner and Srikanth will also sing a Kamal hassan's song Puthuchery Kachery today 24th december 2012.

Wait and watch the surprise that will be telecast today on Vijay TV Super Singer T20. The 6 teams are blue team, red team, white team, black team, green team headed by super singer captains namely Pooja, Srinivas,   Sathya Prakash, Santhosh, Nikhil Mathew and Sai Charan.

Aajith and Srikanth are sure to bring smiles on audience face and on Kamal Haasan and Pooja Kumar's.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Super Singer T20 Team, Super singer T20 team members contestants

Super Singer T20 Team members, Super Singer T20 Team Captain and Airtel Super Singer T20 (sst20) contestants names

The Super singer t20 team is divided into 6 teams each has 5 contestants.

Pooja Team (green Team) Team Contestants

  • Shravan
  • Srinisha
  • Akilesh
  • Deepak
  • Madhu R
Sai Charan (yellow Team) Team contestants
  • Sukanya
  • Praveen
  • Malavika
  • Nithyashree
  • Madhumitha 
Nikhil Mathew Black Team contestants
  • Priyanka
  • Kaushik
  • Raagini
  • Madhumitha
  • Jeyanth
Srinivas White Team contestants
  • Sakthi
  • Anu
  • Soundarya
  • Yazhini
  • Raja Ganapathy
Sathya Prakash Blue Team contestants
  • Rakshitha
  • Krishna
  • Anjana
  • Gautham
  • Malavika
Santhosh Red Team contestants
  • Aajeedh Khalique (aka) Aajith
  • Dhanyashree
  • Srinisha
  • Roshan
  • Mukund

Kamal Hassan episode of Vijay TV Super Singer T20 promos, telecast time soon

Kamal Hassan in Vijay TV Super Singer T20 Kamal Haasan photos and telecast time soon

Kamal Hassan is ready to entertain Super Singer T20 fans in Vijay TV soon and the telecast time of Kamal Hassan episode will be annonced shortly.

Meanwhile, Super Singer T20 promos are showing of Padmashree Kamal Haasan waving his hands to the Super Singer T20 contestants and to the audiences seated there.

Judges of Super Singer t20 in Vijay TV are Pop Shalini, Voice Expert Anandth Vaidhiyanathan and Mirchi Suchi and may be some other judges can be expected on the special episode of Kamal Haasan in Vijay TV.

Kamal Hassan is sure to enthrall the fans out there in Vijay TV super singer T20 show which is anchored by Divya Darshini and Ma Ka Pa Anand.

Watch out for the update of Super Singer t20 Kamal Haasan episode telecast time!
kamal haasan in vijay tv super singer t20

Friday, December 21, 2012

Super Singer T20 Kamal Haasan special episode in Super Singer T20 Vijay TV

Kamal Haasan in Super Singer T20 special episode on Vijay TV soon, Promos on TV

Kamal Hassan special episode on Super Singer T20 Vijay TV will be soon telecast as the promos are getting aired as Kamal Haasan entering the Super Singer T20 stage.

All the team and contestants of super singer t20 in vijay tv are expected to enjoy the day with Kamal Haasan singing to various hits from Kamal movies.

Kamal Haasan movie Vishwaroopam is going to be released on 11th January through DTH before the release in big screen and looks like he is entering the super singer t20 to promote the movie Vishwaroopam.

Super Singer T20 team contestants and name lists,

Pooja green team captain has Shravan, Srinisha, Akhilesh, Deepak and Madhu R.

Sai Charan yellow Team contestants are Sukanya, Praveen, Malavika, Nithyashree, Madhumitha.

Nikhil Mathew black Team contestants are Priyanka, Kaushik, Raagini, Madhumitha, Jeyanth.

Srinivas White Team contestants are Sakthi, Anu, Soundarya, Yazhini, Raja Ganapathy

Sathya Prakash blue Team contestants are Rakshitha, Krishna, Anjana, Gautham, Malavika

Santhosh Red Team contestants are Aajeedh Khalique (aka) Aajith, Dhanyashree, Srinisha, Roshan and Mukund.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Super Singer T20 Sathya Prakash, Anjana poo maalaye song on 18.12.2012

Super Singer T20 Sathya Prakash and Anjana poo maalaye song performance video.

Sathya Prakash (Team Captain) and Anjana (the kutty laddoo) sang duet song for the song poo maalaye thol serava from the movie Pagal Nilavu.

That was a rocking performance by the team captain Sathya Prakash (blue team) and his contestant Anjana kutty on Vijay TV on 18th December 2012.

Super Singer T20 Blue team captain is Sathya Prakash with contestants Rakshitha, Krishna, Anjana, Gautham and Malavika.

Judges Suchi, Pop Shalini and Vaidhyanathan Voice expert were giving marks and scored to all the teams in Super Singer t20 Vijay TV.

Watch Sathya Prakash and Anjana performing poo malaye video

sathya prakash

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Super Singer T20 Superstar special Akhilesh Pothuvaga En Manasu song

Superstar special episode on Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (sst20)

Akhilesh rocked the stage with Superstar Rajinikanth’s song Pothuvaga En Manasu Thangam from Muratukalai on the day special of Superstar special episode.

Vijay Prakash singer and Suchi appreciated and a mind blowing performance by Akhilesh.

Voice expert Anand Vaidhiyandhan encouraged him and applauded his singing talent improved day by day.

Harmony Heartbreakers is the team name which Akhilesh belongs to. Soundarya from Maapilaiku Maaman Manasu Rythmic Royals team gave a tough fight against Akhilesh in the superstar special episode on 10th December 


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Super singer t20 (sst20) priyanka nikhil Mathew kaadhala kaadhala song on 5th dec

Both Nikhil Mathew and Priyanka rocked the stage singing the song kaadhala kadhala on 5th December 2012

Judge krish, ananth vaidhyanadhan voice expert and swetha, singer sujatha daughter liked their song performance in Vijay tv super singer t20 on 5.12.2012

Priyanka and nikhil Mathew belong to blue team in Vijay tv super singer t20.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Super Singer T20 (sst20) Anu - en mel vizhuntha song on 29th November 2012

Vijay TV Super singer junior Season 3 contestant Anu will sing the song 'en mel vizhuntha mazhai thuliye' - movie name is May Madham.

Super singer Senior contestant Srinivas is the captain for the white team.

Today 29.11.2012, Anu will sing with her co-contestant and team member Sakthi, the song en mel vizhuntha from may madham movie.

The judges will be Ananth Vaidhyanathan voice expert, pop shalini and singer Krish.

All the trio will be thoroughly enjoying her performance and Singer Krish will come to stage to hug both of the singers Anu and sakthi in today's episode of Super singer t20 on vijay Tv.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Super singer t20 shravan on 26.11.2012

Shravan sang isayil song- hey ram movie on 26.11.2012 in Vijay tv super singer t20
Shravan captain is pooja, green team...
Pooja team fought against other team on 26th Nov ...


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 Blue Strings Team vs Red Chennai Rockstars Team

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 Blue Strings Team (Sathya Prakash) vs Red Chennai Rockstars Team (Santhosh)

Points and scores of battle between Blue team vs Red team of Vijay TV super singer t20 (sst20)

Blue team Blue Strings captain is Sathya Prakash and his team members are

  1. Rakshitha
  2. Krishna
  3. Anjana
  4. Gautham
  5. Malavika
Red Team Chennai rockstars Captain is Santhosh and his members are

  1. Aajeedh Khalique (aka) Aajith
  2. Dhanyashree
  3. Srinisha
  4. Roshan
  5. Mukund
Total Scores and points after the Group Round on 21.11.2012 in Vijay TV Super Singer T20

Group Round score 

Red Team - 47  and Blue Team - 44

Total Score

Red Team - 169 and Blue Team- 172

Blue Team is leading against Red Team on November 21

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (SSt20) Teams and contestants photos

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (SSt20) Teams and contestants and captain names

Super Singer T20 (sst20) is divided into 5 teams with captains of previous Airtel Super Singer Senior and juniors Pooja, Santhosh, Sai charan, Sathya prakash, Nikhil Mathew and Srinivas in Vijay TV 


Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (SST20) Pooja (green cap) Team contestants

  1. Shravan
  2. Srinisha
  3. Akilesh
  4. Deepak
  5. Madhu R

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (SST20) Sai Charan (yellow cap) Team contestants

  1. Sukanya
  2. Praveen
  3. Malavika
  4. Nithyashree
  5. Madhumitha (Super singer Junior 3)

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (SST20) Nikhil Mathew (black cap) Team contestants

  1. Priyanka
  2. Kaushik
  3. Raagini
  4. Madhumitha
  5. Jeyanth

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (SST20) Srinivas (white cap) Team contestants

  1. Sakthi
  2. Anu
  3. Soundarya
  4. Yazhini
  5. Raja Ganapathy
sathya prakash

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (SST20) Sathya Prakash (blue cap) Team contestants

  1. Rakshitha
  2. Krishna
  3. Anjana
  4. Gautham
  5. Malavika

Vijay TV Super Singer T20 (SST20) Santhosh (red cap) Team contestants

  1. Aajeedh Khalique (aka) Aajith
  2. Dhanyashree
  3. Srinisha
  4. Roshan
  5. Mukund

Monday, November 12, 2012

Super Singer T20 Promo- Vijay TV Super Singer Twenty 20 photos

Vijay TV has aired the Super Singer T20 Promo video online

Vijay TV Super Singer Twenty 20 is telecast from Monday to Friday 9 pm from 14th November after Diwali.

Totally 42 contestants from any three seasons will participate in Vijay TV Super singer T20.

The League of Extraordinary Singers and A battle between 6 teams each containing 6 Super Singer stars.

Watch the promo online video and photos of Super Singer T20 on Vijay TV

photos of super Singer T20 Vijay TV reality singing show


Aajith super singer junior 3 title winner in super singer t20 promo


Santhosh, Rakshitha, Malavika, Yazhini, Sukanya in Super Singer t20 promo video

t20 promo

Super singer T20 promo

Judges of Super Singer T20 is not decided in Vijay Tv..Soon will be updated online!